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Solutions for Sound, Vibration & Performance Problems

In today's operating environment, maximizing air-cooled heat exchanger performance while minimizing failures and maintenance needs is extremely important. Obtaining and maintaining specific noise levels is increasingly critical.

Since 1970, CE-Air International has provided technical support for countless customers. Always an industry leader, in 1978 Chittom International was the first fan manufacturer to publish GUARANTEED sound power levels. Today's increasing demand for field testing and analysis of sound/noise, air side performance and vibration problems require ever growing levels of technical expertise. To meet this need, Chittom International engineers have undergone extensive training and specialized formal education in these areas and CE-Air International can now offers a wide range of technical support to assist in the resolution of your specific problems.

Specifically, we can offer expertise and advice on :

Sound Analysis

Equipment Used

  • NIST Type I equipment with Octave Band Capability
  • FFT Signal Analyzer available
  • Capable of reading octave bands simultaneously in real time
  • Time Weighted Average of readings available
  • Peak noise level readings available

Noise Compliance Testing

  • We can help you determine compliance to your noise specification
  • API and ANSI standards of testing
  • Full Hemispherical testing available
  • Custom testing setups available

Computer Generated Output Available in both graphic and numeric formats

Vibration Analysis

Equipment Used

  • FFT Signal Analyzer - Spectrum Analysis, Time Analysis, Phase Analysis, Waterfall Plots, RS-232 Interface
  • Digital Scale for precision weight adjustments

Balancing of Rotating Machines

  • Four Run Method without phase
  • Single Plane Balancing
  • Two Plane Balancing

Vibration Problem Diagnosis

  • Repetitive equipment failures often stem from vibration problems resulting in costly down time, maintenance labour, and equipment purchases.
  • Typical Sources of Vibration: imbalance, misalignment, resonance, bearing problems, gear mesh, vane passing, cavitations, oil whirl and beat frequencies.

Computer Generated Output Available in both graphic and numeric formats

Performance Testing

Air Side Flow Testing

  • Check to make sure you are getting the air flow you expected
  • Air Flow and Pressure Readings
  • Velocity Mapping

Fan and Drive Inspection

  • Early detection of possible problems or incorrect installations

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