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CE-Air International INDUSTRIAL FANS

Manually and Automatically Adjustable Blade Pitch
(Aluminium and Fibreglass)

  • Axial flow fans are available in many options:
  • 2’ – 4’ diameter in polypropylene blades with Cast Aluminium Hub
  • 3’ – 20’ diameter in Aluminium or Fibreglass construction
  • Fans are available in Manual adjustable or Automatic Pitch options.
  • All our fans are backed by parts and replacement fan service that can include shipment within 24 business hours of your order.
  • Automatic Pitch fans maintain outlet temperatures at the desire level regardless of ambient and process load changes, saving power by moving only the required amount of air and allowing longer motor and bearing life.

Manually Adjustable Blade Pitch

Engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of workmanship, the manually adjustable fan is the backbone of the fan network. It is used in installations where cooling requirements are fairly constant. Blades and hub are accurately balanced and tested to exacting quality control standards, ensuring long life and trouble free operation. There are several models with various aerodynamic designs to choose from. Our engineering staff works closely with clients, using many years of research and development in air moving equipment, to help customers select the design best suited for a particular application.

Specifications:Series 5CSeries 7ESeries 18TSeries 12F (Aluminium)
Specifications: • Series 12GRP (Fibreglass)
Specifications:Power Flo (smaller applications)

Automatically Adjustable Blade Pitch

Automatic fans are designed and built to the same high standards of workmanship as the manual fan. The automatic fan offers a positive method of obtaining optimum operating efficiency while maintaining exacting temperature control, resulting in considerable operational savings.

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