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Since 1970, CE-Air International has built a world-wide reputation for quality products for the Oil and Petrochemical Industries.
As a result, CE-Air International fans, louvers and related equipment can be found in plant sites on every continent of the world in all types of environmental duty.

A staff of highly skilled industry professionals, dedicated to meeting the challenges of a demanding Industry
With customer service at the forefront and an unrelenting dedication to complete customer satisfaction, CE-Air International through it's association with Chittom International continues to build on a well earned reputation for technical expertise and industry leading innovation in the science of axial fans.

With introduction of PowerFlo, we enter the millennium with a product destined to reset industry standards for fan performance. For decades, engineers and scientists have known the most efficient airfoil design incorporates twist and taper. In an unprecedented research and development effort encompassing thousands of hours of testing in a newly constructed, computer automated test cell, fan engineers have successfully embodied the essence of that long accepted standard and actually improved critical components of the technology.


The results is a new and innovative fan that delivers improved performance with less expense in both up front and operational/ maintenance costs.

Through our 30+ years of business, CE-Air International has consistently strived to be a reliable vendor-partner. To the OEM, rebuilder and end user, CE-Air International has and will continue to mean reliable, dependable service and quality products. Featuring minimal lead times, emergency service capabilities, guaranteed fan performance and the added ability to provide engineering expertise, we will continue to excel in a most demanding arena.


Ultra modern, computer automated, networked machinery is the key to competitiveness in today's marketplace and is integral to the "new" Products. While maintaining traditional CE-Air International values emphasizing customer support/service and technical capability, CE-Air International will continue to strive for growth and opportunities in the future.

As always, CE-Air International remains your one stop source for fans and related equipment. Fans can be furnished with aluminium, fibreglass or polypropylene blades in sizes 2 ft. to 20 ft. diameter. CE-Air International louvers are available in manual, manual-remote and automatic operation and can be furnished in either Aluminium, Galvanized or Stainless steel construction. CE-Air International louvers feature heavy-duty construction, lubrication-free bearing on every blade pin and are competitively priced.

Specially trained engineers review data and interpret results. 100% computerized data acquisition and guaranteed accuracy mean 100% reliability and long term, trouble free performance in the field.

CE-Air International also manufactures and supplies related products such as pneumatic actuators, eased inlet fibreglass fan rings, hail guards, bug screens, fan shafts, Spin Dr. (anti wind-milling device) and economical small diameter fans. In addition to component parts such as bearings, sheaves, v-belts, shafts and motors, CE-Air International also offers complete fan packages in direct-drive, belt drive and gear drive designs.

Example's of typical installation sites.

POWERFLO FAN Product Line Analysis & Testing
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