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Globally Renowned Air Movement and Control Specialists

CE-Air International is recognized throughout the Oil and Petrochemical Industries as a leading supplier of Axial Flow Fans and Louver Control Systems for use with Air Cooled Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers.

Whether you are the End User or an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) our technical expertise and product offers reliable solutions to air movement and control problems.

Installation Instructions

The New Era PowerFlo Aluminum Fan

Industrial Fans
• Manually and Automatically Adjustable Blade Pitch
• Aluminium and Fibreglass
• Series 5C • Series 7E • Series 18T • Series 12F (Aluminium)
• Series 12GRP (Fibreglass)

Automatic Pitch Fans

PowerFlo - PP (Polypropylene)
• Smaller Fan Applications
• Polypropylene Blades

Industrial Louvers
• Manual or Automatic, Steel or Aluminium
• Pneumatic Louver Actuator

Bug screens, Coil Guards, Hail Guards
• Aluminium Construction
• Galvanized Carbon Steel

Pneumatic Louver Actuators
Model 800 for Industrial Louvers

Complete Fan Packages

Industrial Drive Components
• Belts and Sheaves, Shafting, Bushings, Motors and Motor Slide Bases

Spin Dr.
• Patented Design to Eliminate "Wind-Milling"

Air Cleaning - HEPA Products
"Your Pure Air Companion"

CAI Filter - Heatshields
"Protection from engine heat"

Disability & Mobility Aids Products
"Positive about disabled people"

CE-Air International Louvers and Fans have given exemplary service to Petrochemical and Oil Manufacturers for the past 30 years.

CE-Air International louvers and fans are currently in use on all types installations and in all environmental conditions – Sand laden air (Saudi), Salt laden air (North Sea rigs and Shetland Oil Terminals) and in temperatures of minus 55 degrees C. (Northwest Canada and Russia).

CE-Air Building Newton Moor Industrial Estate
Newton, Hyde, SK14 4LG, United Kingdom
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