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Windmilling (draft induced reverse rotation) of propeller fans is more than an inconvenience. During idle periods or shutdown, natural wind drafts may cause cooler fans to rotate at high speed in reverse. As the cooler powers up, sudden reversal of this rotation results in severe impact loads to the entire drive train and power transmission components. Belts, motors and fans can be damaged and frequently have to be replaced.

The Spin Dr. provides an economical end to those problems. Easy installation by direct bolting to the fan (driven) sheave bushing (QD Style) yields a permanent and immediate end to expenses associated with parts damage/ replacement and cooler down time.

  • Clutch Housing with Bottom End Plate and Gasket Protects Bottom Thrust Bearing

  • Special One Way Clutch and Bearing Capable of 3000# Radial Load

  • Large Inner Bore Allows Up to 2-15/16" Shaft and 2" Shaft Projection

  • Special Adapter Provides Easy Mounting to Existing E, F and J Bushings

  • Eliminate "Wind Milling" -- Protect Expensive Drive Components
  • Easy bolt-on installation to E, F or J (QD Style) Bushings -- Minimal installation costs
  • Includes Installation Kit -- No Additional Parts Required for Normal Installations
  • Heavy Duty Construction -- Years of Dependable Service
  • Field Proven and Time Tested Design
  • Unique Patented Design

Technical Specifications. Installation Manual.

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