CE-Air Axial Fans.

The market leading Axial fan range.

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  • FIXED BLADE - Rotors in Carbon, Galvanised and Stainless Steel or Aluminium in diameters from 10 inches through to 10ft.
  • EASY AND SIMPLE - Manual Adjustable Rotors 2ft through to 20ft diameter, with ranges including Polypropylene, Aluminium and GRP blades.
  • AUTOMATIC ROTORS – 5ft through 20ft with Aluminium or GRP blades.
  • SPECIALIST GRP - Fans up to 40ft in diameter.
  • FULL PACKAGE OR JUST ROTOR - Many available as Rotors only or as complete packages including motors and all ancillary requirements.

For further information about the CE-Air Fan Ranges. 

Please send us a message, and let our sales staff contact you. 

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