We delve deep into market trends and industry dynamics

Your Goals Are Our Goals
At CE-Air (UK) Limited, we are an independent consultancy dedicated to aligning our goals with yours. We offer impartial and confidential advice on your engineering projects, providing 100% tailored solutions that meet both your requirements and those of your clients.

Decades of Specialized Experience
With over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas, energy, chemical, and petrochemical industries, we have accumulated extensive expertise and know-how. Our comprehensive suite of services includes engineering, procurement, and project management, tailored to meet the unique challenges of these sectors.

Access to Diverse Engineering Experts
We have access to experts across various engineering disciplines, particularly in downstream oil & gas, helping clients mitigate risks and streamline project execution.

Strategic Crisis Management and Risk Mitigation
We understand the complexities of every business phase and excel in crisis management and risk mitigation. Our actionable recommendations, often developed collaboratively with clients, safeguard your project’s reputation and ensure stakeholder engagement.

Tailored Consulting Approach
Our consulting services are delivered in the most effective format, whether through reports, briefings, workshops, or a customized combination. We integrate seamlessly with your risk management processes, ensuring transparency, accountability, and maximum value for your investment.

Commitment to Excellence and Corporate Responsibility
CE-Air (UK) Limited prides itself on transparency, confidentiality, efficiency, and corporate responsibility. Our consultancy services uphold these values, providing trusted advice that contributes positively to the societies we serve.

Specialized Services for Industry Success
We offer specialized technical and commercial solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients in the oil and gas, energy, chemical, and petrochemical industries. Whether working independently or collaboratively, our consultants deliver cost-effective solutions to diverse projects.

Our core consultancy services include but are not limited to: 

* Planning & Scheduling 
* Supplier Searches
* Supplier engagement
* Material Resourcing
* FinFan Optimisation
* Term maintenance & warranty
* SSS (Site Shutdown Support)
* Installation support 
* Commissioning support
* Decommissioning support
* Asset maintenance
* Equipment diagnostic testing
* Technical staff and labour resource
* Resource Constraints
* Labour Constraints
* Cost Control & Cost Management
* Equipment optimisation
* Risk identification
* Stakeholder management

We're not just an engineering company - we're architects of your cooling success.

Our expert consulting teams will always provide a quality service, working within your organisation, and will always adhere to your organisation guidelines at all times, including

Every year we deliver our unique Oil and Gas Services across some of the most logistically demanding sites in the UK & Europe, and it is through our 40+ years of proven reliability that customers trust us to deliver projects on time, on budget, and above all respecting the people we work for and with, ensuring that their safety is paramount at all times.

CE-Air (UK) are one of the UK’s most respected engineering service providers in the oil and gas, energy, chemical and petrochemical industries, and provide full multi-discipline Engineering Design, Manufacture, Installation & Consultancy services to you.
Our aim is to reflect your values and culture within our own range of services, to provide smart solutions to you, and as a result we have the capability to provide a fully integrated technical service throughout the lifecycle of a project, from the initial concept to completion.
Our highly experienced engineering and management team provides strong leadership with a clear commitment to quality and delivery.

For security reasons we only provide vetted and qualified staff to conduct consultancy services within your organisation. This activity is also supported with the provision of our other commercial services such as long-term site maintenance and facilities management to the industrial end user market.

CE-Air (UK) Limited is proud of the fact that we have the engineering staff and mobility to conduct projects both onshore and offshore within the UK. We also work internationally should our customers require our assistance. We can help you complete your project with minimal fuss & disruption.

To find out more about our consultancy services; please call us on +44 161 368 1476

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