Design Services.

A fully tailored approach to your design. 

CE-Air (UK) Limited has the ability and track record to provide a full complement of engineering services within the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors.

Our bespoke commercial services are tailored to your individual requirements.

We work with a range of customers from small businesses through to major contractors. From refurbishments of your existing installations to newly manufactured kit.

Every customer receives the same high level of service from design to completion.

Our Engineering Design team at CE-Air (UK) Limited offer services that are tailored and refined to help our clients deliver their projects, offering innovation balanced with robust engineering practice in order to give our clients the best possible service.

Our extensive portfolio of projects extends from small, remote gas installations scattered across the UK to complex engineering projects, such as the fit-out of newly commissioned air cooled heat exchangers.

CE-Air (UK) Limited is proud of the fact that we have the engineering staff and mobility to conduct projects both onshore and offshore within the UK. We also work internationally should our customers require our assistance.

Every project presents a unique set of challenges requiring a combination of creativity, robust engineering definition and project management in order to ensure a component or assembly will function correctly throughout its entire design life, under all specified conditions and can be manufactured cost effectively.  

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The Power of Collaboration. 

CE-Air (UK) have developed an extensive network with some of the world's leading engineering contractors to undertake design and engineering for ongoing projects, and to undertake highly specialised design work. We have in house technical expertise to manage, supervise and coordinate all aspects of design works.

We have further reinforced our design strength by forging alliances with key organisations within our engineering group to support us on detailed design aspect on all our turnkey projects.

In Order to have better control and co-ordination between our design engineers and CE-Air (UK) project management, we employ web based document management solutions through established dedicated links between our various partners.

This enables seamless collaboration between the project team members and secures online access to design documents. This working philosophy enables us to minimise our liability and maximize our concentration on overall project management and procurement.


To find out more about how we can help you on your engineering design; please call us on +44 161 368 1476

100% bespoke solutions for you. 

Making the right selection of material and manufacturing process is instrumental in determining how a design will perform, its durability and its manufacturing cost. Furthermore the selection of material and manufacturing process can be a major element of competitive advantage.

Once a concept layout has been defined, the most important stage is the development of the detail design. This is where CE-Air (UK) Limited engineers really deliver, with refining the detail of every design to match the component specification.

On target costings. 

Often a design is manufactured in high volume and making even fractional savings on component costs has a significant benefit. The key to a cost down study is identifying if the cost of a component can be reduced without adversely affecting its function.

Cost down benefits can be achieved through reducing part count, complexity, component specification, assembly lead-times, packaging, distribution costs and warranty costs, alternatively by increasing product modularity or component reuse.

Quick turnaround.

CE-Air (UK) Limited have developed a comprehensive network of proven and trusted suppliers with first-hand experience of off-shore sourcing of components and complete assembled products, and as a result are also able to offer independent and objective selection of suppliers, including supplier audits where required.

We are often required to liaise closely with a client’s internal procurement team to support production supply and in some cases have been asked to support the development and documentation of assembly and test procedures.

For further information about CE-Air Design Services. 

Please send us a message, and let our sales staff contact you. 

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