Partnering for Performance.

CE-Air Partners Program

At CE-Air (UK) Limited, we work with our partners to give you a greater experience and choice; from collaboration to innovation.

We are one of the oldest established and most-respected engineering service providers established over 40 years ago, so we know our market. We deliver Engineering Design, Consultancy, and Staffing solutions to clients in the oil and gas, energy, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Within our industry it’s rare to achieve great things alone, and we can enhance your ideas, fine tune your thinking and help you reach your goals.

Every year we deliver our unique Oil and Gas Services across some of the most logistically demanding sites in the UK & Europe, and it is through our 40+ years of proven reliability that customers trust us to deliver projects on time, on budget, and above all respecting the people we work for and with, ensuring that their safety is paramount at all times.

We’ve built strong, strategic partnerships because we recognise that collaboration with other organisations is vital, especially in today’s fast moving market. By doing this, we achieve more and can bring you more of the great services you need, delivering end-to-end service without the standard practice of having to deal with multiple suppliers and budgets.

By working with other companies, we take away the complexity of your projects so you can work with less suppliers while we work with our partners to create more possibilities for you, and this has included projects in the UK, EU, Middle East and Asian markets.

In many cases, our strategic partnership framework agreement builds upon your existing relationships to compliment them, rather than replace them. 

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These services include but are not limited to: 

* Supplier Searches
* Material Resourcing
* FinFan Optimisation
* FinFan Cleaning
* Hydro Demolition
* Surface Preparation
* Vacuumation & Tanker
* CCTV pipeline inspections
* HydroKinetic Cleaning
* Cold Cutting
* Electrical surveys
* Instrumentation testing
* Term maintenance & warranty
* SSS (Site Shutdown Support)
* Installation support to end-client
* Commissioning support
* Asset maintenance
* Equipment diagnostic testing
* Leak testing
* Technical staff and labour resource

Our extensive portfolio of projects extends from small, remote gas installations scattered across the UK to complex engineering projects, such as the fit-out of newly commissioned air cooled heat exchangers.

At CE-Air (UK) we value diversity, innovation, citizenship and heritage as core components of all the companies we trade and do business with. Our approach is to build long term relationships based on common values shared between both companies. Our strategic partnerships play an integral role in developing CE-Air (UK) to be what it is today. 

Due to the wide variety of technologies and processes employed in the Oil and Gas sector, CE-Air (UK) has recognised the requirements to associate with companies with specialised expertise, and as a result CE-Air (UK) have entered into these agreements with many companies who share our core values and vision. 

CE-Air (UK) Limited is proud of the fact that we have the engineering staff and mobility to conduct projects both onshore and offshore within the UK. We also work internationally should our customers require our assistance.

We will complete your project with minimal fuss & disruption. To find out more about our installation & Servicing; please call us on +44 161 368 1476

Saves you money.

No two jobs are the same. Meaning every installation & service is planned to your exact requirements.

By taking a totally independent, objective view of your project, we can identify significant cost savings in areas that are often overlooked.

Our teams can then help you plan accordingly, and provide you with feedback on your existing plans to attempt to cut your expenditure. 

With our own dedicated supply chain & dedicated staff, it means your installations & services will always be on time, to help fulfill any tight deadlines. 

Saves you time. 

We can provide you with a one-team approach across all our services saving you time and money.

Our team of highly skilled staff & engineers can handle all aspects of the design and specification of your project, from the initial concept through to the commissioning.

We work closely with your own management & engineers to design, build & deliver projects that are functional and energy efficient.

If you have tight deadlines, then we can help you meet them. 

Increases your productivity.

CE-Air (UK) Limited has a wealth of experience in the oil and gas, energy, chemical and petrochemical industries.

We have a dedicated, professional team of experts and staff who ensure that each project undertaken is managed effectively and to a high standard, whilst ensuring customer satisfaction and needs are met at all times.

As one of the only true "End to End" project suppliers, we can be regarded as your one stop shop for design, manufacture & installation requirements. 

For further information about the CE-Air Partner Program. 

Please send us a message, and let our partnering staff contact you. 

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